Watercolor Plotting on the Canon iPF8400's

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Canon iPF 8400: Printing to Watercolor Paper

Step 0 - Unload Roll (skip this step if there is no roll of paper loaded in the plotter)

Lift the release lever, and open the Top Cover.


NOTE - Lifting the release lever should cause any loaded roll of paper to disengage from the printer, but you may have to pull the roll out from under the Paper Retainer.

When no paper is loaded from the roll, shut the release cover, and drop the Release Lever.

Step 1

Press the LOAD button on the printer control panel.


Step 2

Using the up/down arrow buttons on the control panel, select the LOAD CUT SHEET for sheets <66" (or LOAD ROLL PAPER for sheets >66") and press the OK button.


Step 3

Follow instructions on-screen: Lift the Top Cover and Lift the Release Lever.


Step 4

Load your watercolor sheet print side UP. If your paper is curled from a cut roll, go in the direction of the curl.

Step 5

With the watercolor sheet underneath the Paper Retainer, align the edges of the sheet with the Red Paper Alignment lines on the printer, to the top and to the right.


Step 6

Once the paper is aligned, close the Release Lever and then the Top Cover.

Step 7

The printer will now scan the paper. It will ask what kind of paper has been loaded. Choose Ex HW Art Paper if you are using Watercolor Paper (or Coated Paper for loading a roll of bond paper); press OK button

Step 8

You are now ready to print your job. Open Photoshop CC on the PAW (Printer Attached Workstation)

Step  9

Go to File > Export > iPF8400 Print Plug-In...

Step 10

On the printer, press the left button 3 times. The first tab, called the Paper Menu, will display the size of the cut sheet. Use these dimensions for the Size Options


Step 11

On the Main tab, select the Media Type of Extra Heavyweight Art Paper for watercolor paper (or Canon Coated Paper for bond paper rolls)


Step 12

On the Page Setup tab, click on the Size Options... button


Step 13

In the Size Options window, set the Width and Height to the EXACT dimensions from Step 10.  Change the Custom Paper Size Name, and click the Add and OK buttons.


Step 14

Select the Paper Size that you just created in Step 13.  Verify that the Orientation is set to Portrait.  Set Paper Source to Cut Sheet if <66" (and Roll if >66" or if actually loading a roll of bond paper).


Step 15

Verify that the preview window shows the paper in the same orientation as it is loaded, and that all settings are correct (paper size, the orientation of your drawing etc.,).  Click Print to send the print job to the Canon.