Printing from InDesign

When working from InDesign, we recommend that you actually export to PDF, then print from Adobe Acrobat. Here, you will find directions for setting up and executing this process in a way that optimizes print quality, while minimizing print queues and corrupted print jobs.

Step 1

In the Links tab, ensure that InDesign knows exactly where to find your images when it exports them. Make sure that no links are broken or in need of updating. If there are any exclamation marks, you will need to update or relink the file.


Step 2

In the File menu, select Export

Save as Type: Adobe PDF (Print)

Press Save



Step 3

In the Export PDF pop-up, set Adobe PDF Preset to [High Quality Print]

In the Compression tab, the preset settings will compress images to 300ppi.

If you want your images to be at a higher resolution, set Color Images to Grayscale Images to Bicubic Downsampling to 600ppi for images above 900ppi,

Monochrome Images to Bicubic Downsampling to 1200ppi for images above 1800ppi.

Set the Image Quality to Maximum

Click Export.

Finally, see the Creating an Optimized PDF guide for final print output.