Color HP T790 and Two HP T2300's (not pictured)


These are our newest general-purpose plotters.  They are full color plotters with remarkable resolution and color quality. Each is loaded with a 36"-wide roll of Bond paper by default; it can also be manually fed up to 140lb watercolor paper in a pinch, but since their paper sensors are easily damage, and because the Canons (see below) are easier to load and more resilient .  This plotter can also print directly from your USB flash drive.

Two Canon iPF8400's


The Canon iPF8400's have a 44"-wide paper path, and are reserved for printing on watercolor paper, due to their ability to handle thicker paper (verified up to 260lb), as well as their waterproof ink, which makes them ideal for plates destined to be rendered by hand.  The Canons are located in the plotter room adjacent to the Lab, and are accessible to Architecture students with swipe access.








The Oce TDS 450 is a black and white toner plotter.  It is loaded with a 36" roll and can also plot onto manually fed 90lb watercolor sheets with waterproof black.  This plotter is also directly connected to a wide format scanner and can be used to copy large drawings.  It is located in the OCE/Canon plotter room adjacent to the Lab.

OCE PlotWave 340


The OCE ColorWave is a black and white toner plotter. It is loaded with a 36" roll (roll 1) and a 22" roll (roll 2). This plotter also has an embedded 36" color scanner and can be used to copy or scan drawings. It is located in the Graduate Studio, room 325, and is available to all architecture students.