Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:I selected a specific paper size in both the application and in printer properties but it prints out on a different size

A: In the printer properties dialogue box, under Paper Options, press Select by Tray.  Select the tray with the paper size you want to print on.  Trays 1 and 2 are Letter, Tray 3 is Tabloid.  If you are using the manual feed tray, select Manual Feed (Tray 1), not Tray 1 (MPT)

Q: I set the paper size to 11x17 in Acrobat, but the preview still shows it as 8.5x11

A: Go to printer properties > Paper Options and set the Original Size to 11x17

Q: I tried to print something to the BW Canon and after I released it at the printer nothing came out

A: Make sure you are not printing directly from the browser or from a file opened in the browser.  All files (especially ones on Webfile or googledocs) should first be downloaded to your Desktop.  Open the file and print from there.

A: The file may also be too large.  Print jobs that take too long to spool are automatically deleted by the PrintND Pharos system. Find a way to make the print job smaller, e.g. print 50 pages at a time instead of 300.

Q: The computers in the lab take up to 20 minutes to install drivers for my usb flash drive

A: The only solution to this problem is to restart the computer.  This takes less than 5 minutes.

Q: Where can I get a large piece of blank paper?

A: For anything larger than 11x17 you will need to plot.  Open any drawing program, e.g. Photoshop, and set the page size to the dimesions you want.  Send the plot to either the Oce TCS300 or the HP DesignJet 800, the HP t790 doesn't process blank jobs.

Q: I can't enter dimensions in AutoCAD

A: Go to Options, and under the Units tab change them from Decimal to Architectural