Box is a place you can store files – for your own use, to share with people at Notre Dame, or to share with people anywhere in the world.  Why use Box instead of other services?

·         You get unlimited storage.

·         Sign in with your Notre Dame NetID and password

·         Support is provided by the OIT Help Desk, and at the self service ND Knowledge Base

·         Approved to share virtually all files, with the exception of highly sensitive data, such as credit cards, social security numbers, bank account numbers, driver’s license numbers, and HIPAA-related information.

·         Full-text search of all files you store there (Learn about TAGS)

·         Integrates with Microsoft Office



You can log into Box at

Note:  Before you can access files that others have shared with you, you must first request that a Box account be created for you by visiting the login page at

Box is a commercial online file sharing and storage platform. Content on Box can be shared internally and externally, accessed through mobile devices, and extended to partner applications such as Google Apps. Using Box provides the University with a cloud-based campus-wide solution that will support integration with current environments, including document storage, imaging, and collaboration applications.

You may not store HIPAA or other Highly Sensitive data in Box, per the ND Data Handling Standard. You should not sync folders that contain such data. Other types of non-public data should be handled with care, keeping in mind who you are sharing this data with.

Box allows members of the community to share files and collaborate on documents with anyone in the world with no additional software needed.